1. you can get tickets for our show on may 27th with Perfest Pussy, Potty Mouth and Wild Moth here:


  2. thelesigh:

    Split: Burnt Palms / Gurr

    The Le Sigh reviewed our split tape with Gurr :)

  3. vhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc9IIl9Ok_0

    Claude aka Stagnant Cult took this at Milk Bar SF

  4. the one and only stagnant cult xx 


  5. lazy-calm asked: i am happy to be in a band with you guys :)

    We are happy to make and play music with you :)

  6. baby mama

  7. show stalker :)


  8. Nic Coury took some pictures of the underwater show on Friday… :)

  9. bathroom brian babes brian  

  10. photohs : hana babe wilkins