1. Stagnant Cult(Claude)took a vid of a new new new new new song we havent recorded yet.This was our first time live!

  2. pictures by Claude (Stagnant Cult) from our last show at Awaken Cafe : )

  3. Oakland on the 26th of July!

    poster: Kiki (horrible adorable)

  4. We are going to be going on a really really short tour mid - late September! Oakland, Sacramento, Reno, Portland, Seattle, Olympia and Stockton! You can get our LP on our bandcamp page so you can sing along when you COME TO A SHOW!


  5. Aint Nothin’ But A Hound Dog.

    pictures by http://www.shotintheblue.com at the Big Surreal festival we played…  


  6. grey-estates:

    "Isolation" - Burnt Palms 

    From Burnt Palms’ sophomore release The Girl You Knew, which is out now and is also our album of the week. It rules!

    Grey Estates wrote a reaaallly good article about our new album :) 

  7. Us with DJ Fernando the other day on KALX 

    you might be able to listen to our set here but i donno;\


  8. the night light - oakland 5/6/14

    (stagnant cult in the middle)

  9. POTTY MOUTH  at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz  - 5/27/14

    photo - christina riley

  10. thelesigh:

    LP: Burnt Palms - The Girl You Knew

    The Le Sigh wrote about our new albummm here!